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Excel Sheppard Insurance Service and Risk Management Inc. has been writing, servicing and assisting Aviation clients from all corners of the globe for the past 25 years. Our company has solid relationships with our insurance markets and we are positioned to offer competitive options for your consideration.

Owning an aircraft is a very important investment to you and we want to be able to provide the best coverage available to you for your aircraft.

Under your aircraft policy, coverage's could include removal of your aircraft after a forced landing, automatic coverage for newly acquired aircraft and liability coverage for your owned or leased hangar. These are just a few of the possible coverage's that could be available to you under your aviation policy.

Our experienced aviation brokers are able to assist you with understanding your policy and any questions or concerns that you may come across with respect to your aviation policy. Please contact our office for more detailed explanation of the coverage's that may be available under your policy.



  • Third Party Liability - Bodily Injury/Property Damage
  • Passenger Liability - BI/PD for passengers
  • Static Liability - Ground only Liability
  • Hull Coverage - All Risk Flight and Ground Ground Only 

Your policy could include the following

  • Coverage in Canada, the USA (Alaska), Mexico, and the Caribbean.
  • Automatic Products Coverage on your aircraft after its has been sold.
  • Aircraft removal after forced landing.
  • Emergency charges such as search and rescue for fire department charges.
  • Defense funds in the event an aviation authority initiates a legal action.
  • Automatic coverage for newly acquired aircraft.
  • Luggage and personal belongings of passengers.
  • Automatic medical coverage for passengers.
  • Liability coverage for your owned or leased hanger.
  • Automatic death benefits for passengers and pilot.
  • Allows your approved AME to fly for purposes of a test flight.

Aviation Insurance Application

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